Summer 2017 Authors

F.I. Goldhaber (Poetry)
  • Portland Heroes
  • #BiVisibility
  • True Colors and False Flags
Angela Treviño (Poetry)
  • No Habla
  • The Sun is Unforgiving
  • Lupita’s Bakery
  • Resilient Latinas
Mark Blickley (Short Fiction)
  • An Army of Frogs
Ace Boggess (Poetry)
  • What Stranger Miracles Are There?
  • What Did Prison Smell Like?
  • What Have You Shared?
Yu-han Chao (Poetry)
  • Fibu to Tibi
  • Histology of Neurotissue
  • Butterfly
Michael Chin
  • Triangle (Fiction)
  • Another Shot (Creative Nonfiction)
Jan Chronister (Poetry)
  • Assisted Living
  • At the Dog Park
  • August Flood
Margaret Ann Graber (Poetry)
  • Masturbation
Steve Klepetar (Poetry)
  • Eating with my Shadow
  • By River’s Edge
Tim Clark (Creative Nonfiction)
  • Center, No Man’s Land
Ricky Ray (Poetry)
  • Spring Again
  • Midlife: Too Early for an Ars Poetica
  • Holding Fort
Sherry Rind (Poetry)
  • Reseeded Lawn
Edgar Gabriel Silex (Poetry)
  • To the God of Emptiness
Debra Stone (Poetry)
  • Autobiography
Denise Sweet (Poetry)
  • Red Banks
Bethany Petano (Creative Nonfiction)
  • The Possibility of Weather
EH Thatcher (Poetry)
  • Crimson Ghazal
  • Landmark
  • Last Star in the Universe
Carla Schwartz (Poetry)
  • Antidote