Winter 2018 Authors

Sara Smith Andress (Poetry) – “Dog Days”
F.J. Bergmann (Poetry) – “Cetaceae” * “Last Ride”
Ryan Clark (Poetry) – from 100 Days: “Day 2” * “Day 3” * “Day 6” * “Day 9”
Lee Conrad (Short Fiction) – “Table for Four”
Mitchell Grabois (Flash Fiction) – “GGM”
Howie Good (Poetry) – “The Continuous Now” * “Story Hour”
Marcella Haddad (Poetry) – “(Galatea)”
Mark Jackley (Poetry) – “Obit Writer” * “Civil War Headstones” * “Homeless Man Trying to Sleep at the Greyhound Station”
Robert S. King (Poetry) – “Preexisting Condition” * “Greatness”
Alison Paul Klakowicz (Poetry) – “Beaver Moon” * “Café Terrace at Night”
Alexander Luft (Short Fiction) – “How Long Do Snails Sleep”
Jude Marr (Poetry) – “Being of Sound Mind”
Linda McKenney (Creative Nonfiction) – “Arthur”
Ben Nardolilli (Poetry) – “This Year’s History of the 20th Century”
Stacey O’Connor (Short Fiction) – “Jack and Becky”
Sergio A. Ortiz (Poetry) – “Two Months after Hurricane Maria” * “Comrades of the Dream”
Kenneth Pobo (Poetry) – “Jeff & Jerry & the Everyday” * “Jerry Says that Being . . .” * “Jeff & Jerry on Separate Vacations”
Lisa Saffron (Poetry) – “Meeting Tara in a Café in Skala Sikamineas” * “I See You Smiling at Me” * “The Golden Rule”
Marta Shaffer (Poetry) – “American History Lesson” * “The Family’s Principal Entertainment was for Everyone to Recount the Dreams”
Julie Wenglinski (Poetry) – “Knocked Out” * “Toxic” * “Indigestion” * “Does the Morning have Gold in its Mouth”
Ed Werstein (Poetry) – “Magnesium Ash”
Marilyn Zelke Windau (Poetry) – “War’s Save the Date”